Lie: It's Just a Season

Weather changes. I live in Texas and to be safe, you should probably wear a sweatshirt but bring a tank top every time you leave the house this time of year.

And while we experience temperature changes and seasonal differences in weather it can be easy to assume we will also experience that in other areas of our lives and to get straight to the point… I call BS on that notion (That’s Bologna Sandwich).

We buy into this idea that tomorrow the conditions will be ideal for us to take a step, move in a new direction… we think joy will magically find us, and bravery will fall like rain, suddenly we will stand in the sunshine of the life we always wished to have.

I’ve been in conversations where people chat about someday in the future, this season that is coming, like all of the sudden they will have clarity, they’ll be ripped, they’ll have the exact amount of cash flow they need… and part of that is excellent, I love the human tendency to hope. It shoots us in the foot however when we think that this all happens without our action. You can’t choose when it rains, but you can go where you know rain is more likely.

What am I getting at?

Do you want to see progress? Read, have more conversations, learn, quit something, or start something new. You can change your own pace, and you can choose. To be paralyzed in fear is like living in a world where it’s always winter, no Christmas(Narnia Reference, +5 bonus if you were tracking with me).

Sure sometimes things may change that are simply out of our control, but to choose to own your life today is one of the best choices you can make. Hope you will decide to live that way, it’s so worth it.

It's not "just a season" unless you make it "just a season". 

- Benji Block

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