One Question for MASSIVE Clarity

A life of meaning is created one decision at a time.
The problem is, while our heart may hope for significance, our actions seek safety.

Outside of a moment of intensity, when the stakes aren’t as high, when the decision isn’t just staring us right in the face,  we can articulate our longing for significance. But if we aren’t relentless in our denial of the easy path, the lazy river in a sense, our final destination will be far from what we had always desired deep down.

Can we pose a clarifying question that may help us move in the right direction? That may create some positive energy and momentum?

Here is the question: What would a courageous person do in my situation?

Grab a piece of paper and start writing. Somehow in the asking of this question, we find what we need to do. Courage can often seem like it is for someone else, out there. Not for us, right now. So what would the courageous person do? Do it! Simple exercise, hard to execute.

For some, this exercise means conversations you are terrified to have.

For others, it means the beginning or the end of a relationship.

Some are reading this needing to quit a substance or beverage.

Maybe you jot down going back to school, finding a new job, not settling in some way. Ask the clarifying question. What do you come up with?

What stands between you and the person you long to be is not a mystery, it’s courage.

So what would a courageous person do? Get to it.

Benji BlockComment