Your Life Needs Charging

It does no good to own a phone charger; you have to plug into a power source and plug your phone in.

It does no good to own a phone that you never charge. Eventually, it runs out of juice, and it needs a charge.

Same is true in life.

Some sustain charge, ambition, & courage more than others, but the truth is sooner or later if you have no power source, nothing to plug into, we lose that juice, the fire runs out.

Staying plugged in matters more than you think it does.

Unfortunately often we fail to realize it’s importance until burnout or apathy begin to set in.

The only way to lasting peace is remaining plugged into the Holy Spirit.

The only way to make moves of courage that bring lasting impact is God at work within you.

We want to embody love. We must continually recall Jesus, His version of love, and ask him to activate that within us.

We can produce and strive, toil and work,

At some point, the charge runs out, and we have to plug into something more.

The fuel behind all I do has always been and will always be this one line that Jesus taught his followers to pray:


On earth, as it is in Heaven.

To invite God into our every moment,

in fact, scripture says to pray without ceasing, leave the phone plugged in!

The power isn’t coming from you, and the courage isn’t yours… it’s flowing through as you stay connected.

So I want to be a light, make a difference, stand out…

I want God to infiltrate my character, decision making, conversations, thought life, all of it!

As I remain in Christ, he shapes and molds me to who I was always meant to be.

Choose to invite God into your life today.

Ask him to be the fuel behind all you do.

Activating that type of constant charge in your life is the best thing you could do.

By: Benji Block

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