The Disaster of Mix and Match

I’m becoming more and more aware of our ways of justifying life as it is. As humans, we are great at explaining away the choices we make, the situations in which we find ourselves.

We watch diet videos, pin recipes, yet cheat within 36 hours. We share sermons and inspirational videos, yet minutes later we post and do wildly different things. It doesn’t take the internet to expose this in us, but I think it sheds light on our propensity toward inconsistency.

We love seeing the finished masterpiece, yet we stiff arm and neglect the hard things like obedience, sacrifice, or generosity that would help us get there.

So what are we left with?

We are left frustrated because we think we are trying and seeing no result, yet in reality, the way we live is more like a 15-minute workout and the rest of the day we are chowing down on junk food.

We like Gods way until it bumps up against our approach. We like honesty until we have to be honest about hard things. We like rules until they are inconvenient to us.

This mix and match way of living is confusing. I see it brewing in me. I do things I don’t want to do. I don’t do the things that I know I should.

Part of our journey must be accepting grace and walking with mercy for ourselves and others. It’s an important choice to meet inconsistency in others with as much forgiveness as we would like to receive. Equally as hard in all of this, is the part of the process where we work to weed out the excuses and justifications we go to be default, to not merely let them slip by and excuse ourselves on account of our humanity... instead, believe there is a better way. Because there is a better way.

When we refuse to confront the tug-of-war that rages within, we eventually settle for mundane living. When we refuse to do battle with our dark thoughts, our faulty logic, and our hypocritical actions, we will arrive at a day of frustration. We knew what to say to sound correct, to be outwardly acceptable, but we arrived at a destination we never intended, we arrived with an attitude we struggle to accept, we come with less genuine friendships than we had hoped for.

Choose to do the hard work of looking in the mirror and making a change. (Motives, actions, routines, words, character, soul, ambitions, personal narrative) Choose to sit down with friends and have honest conversations around how you can grow. Choose courage so that the growth you so desperately desire does not merely remain a wish, but becomes part of the literal core of who you are.

By: Benji Block

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