2019: Scaring Fear

I’m super crap at New Years Resolutions. 

I’m not the guy in the gym hitting it hard in January only to lose interest mid-February…

Honestly, my A.D.D often takes over, and I forget what my "New Year, New Me" goal was all together.

I’ve kept a couple, but if this were basketball my FG% would be well under 50.

Needless to say after a few attempts, and many fails it’s easy to stay down for the count and leave the NYR to other, more sophisticated types.

I excuse myself from goal setting because I look at my life and it’s ok right now.

I’m not the healthiest, but I work out and eat decently nutritious…

I’m not the smartest, but I read a lot, and year over year I’m expanding my knowledge.

I’m not rich, but Sydney & I are getting out of debt, saving, headed in the right direction.

The enemy of great is ok.

Because things aren’t “bad,” I can struggle to move toward great.

Maybe that is another topic we can address at some point.

I’ve heard the buzz around this idea of picking a word or phrase for the year.

Some folks like picking a theme verse from scripture.

I think I tried this once before; it’s coming back as I type this…

I don’t remember what I chose though. AHG! A.D.D wins again!

Anyways, here is what I’m getting at:

Rewind the clock, couple months ago this theme starts jumping out at me from every direction.

I couldn’t escape it.


This deep heart burden begins to form in me.

All the sudden I'm incredibly aware that this is THE thing we need to be talking about.

Courage is the virtue from which all other virtues flow.

Courage is an invitation out of ok and into full living.

Out of isolation and loneliness into being known, genuine friendship.

Out of just receiving a paycheck and into finding purpose in your work.

Out of faking wisdom and into true learning and growth.

Out of having it all together and into raw life, no pesticides, additives, or filters.

Christians! Are you doing your best to live like Jesus? That is going to require courage.

 Courage to follow the spirits lead. Courage to love your enemies… the list goes on.

Leaders! Leadership is a courage game.

 Keeping the company on mission, having the tough conversations, caring about employees and not just the bottom line… the list goes on.

So for 2019, this year, these days in front of us, I’m stuck on this idea.

Call it my word? My resolution?

I’m just saying this: it’s time to address the root.

When we address the root, the branches will also be corrected.

What? You address the courage issue you then can see growth in other areas.

Why? The core, the backbone, the root, the virtue from which all other virtues flows impacts it all.

We hit spurts of growth unintentionally, or life forces us into it sometimes.

But many times it will be a choice.

A choice to grow. A decision to walk in courage.

This is getting long. You better believe I’ll be saying more on this topic.

Here is the main thing for today though:

What would it look like for this to be a year of courage for you?

What will you do? What will you start? What will you get consistent in? How will courage call your faith to a new level?

I’m a story & questions guy.

So there is no 4 point plan to solve it all.

Find some time and ask the clarifying questions.

You don’t have to be into New Year Resolutions to do this.

You can start any day you want.

Courage is calling you toward life to the full.

I hope this year is a year you scare fear and walk in fullness.

Love you. Thanks for reading. Hope it’s helpful.

Benji Block