The Four D's In Dreaming

The journey to successful leadership requires tools, and today we have a few more for you to add to your belt.

1. Desire

We've talked a LOT about desire (drive) lately, so I'll keep this brief. If you want to get into it more, go check this blog or podcast out.

But essentially, no one can make you do the work to gain success. And it is work, that's why it requires an unusual willingness on your part to go after your dreams every day and work toward success.

How driven are you to actually accomplish the things you desire?

2. Discipline

If you haven't caught on by now, Trailblazer very much believes success requires work, and a lot of it. If success was easy, everyone would experience it!

One aspect of discipline includes routine. Sometimes we like to think that a few big moves stand between us and our dreams, but often it is much more about the smaller, everyday tasks that have to get done and are much less glamorous that lead to success.

Here's something to chew on. How early do you wake up in the morning? Many people considered to be very successful are very early risers. In fact, research is being done to see exactly why early risers seem to be more prone to success and promotion in sectors such as the business world.

But no matter how early you wake up, people find that having a semi regular routine is important. Having time to make a good breakfast, read, think, pray, stretch, or whatever it is your morning needs sets people off on the right foot.

It's tempting to leave yourself just enough time to rush out of the house with a granola bar in hand, but as people who strive to take control of the day, consider implementing some sort of morning routine.

3. Disappointment

This might seem odd to include but stay with me. Have you experienced disappointment? Chances are, yes. That being said, how did you react to that disappointment? Did it cause you to throw in the towel or to rise up stronger?

Disappointment is an unfortunate byproduct of chasing dreams. If you stay stagnant you're less likely to ever face it, which sounds tempting. I think that's actually why many people never try. 

But as awful as disappointment can be, it is an important check of motives and often test a leader's true character. How will you react in the face of disappointment? Remember, people are watching you and this decision might make or break your influence on them.

It's fine to fail, but we have to learn to deal with it gracefully.

4. Destiny

What a word, destiny. I think we often expect to just end up in success someday because we're great and why wouldn't we? But we have to change the way we see destiny.

It's not so much that we have no affect on what's going to happen, because we do. It's not that one say we wake up and landed in our success, our destiny, because that doesn't happen. Destiny is not a thing revealed, it's a thing uncovered.

We all have a purpose for our lives and it's much less about stumbling upon it and much more about pulling the pieces together to uncover it. It's there now, are you going to do the work to uncover and develop it?

As you tackle another week, think about these four things. How is your desire, how disciplined are you, how do you deal with disappointment, and how do you view destiny?

As leaders, we must be intentional with the way we do and view things. Get after this week with intentionality and desire and see what could happen.