What Happened to Creativity?

The imagination of a child is a crazy thing that cannot be contained. When a kid starts building an imaginary kingdom, you can't reason with them that their endeavor is, in fact, imaginary.

As adults, we can remember a childlike imagination, but we don't necessarily experience it anymore. Even the most imaginative of us adults have nothing on wild-brained kiddos. 

But...maybe this has much less to do with our brains themselves, and much more to do with the constraints we self impose. 

Children by nature are constantly growing and changing and expanding their perception as they learn new things about the world around them. They seem to inherently understand that if they want to understand the new things of the world, they can't let their perceptions stay in the same old place.

So they expand their mind and make new room for ideas to take place and grow roots. 

But as they get older, society, their families, and their educations teach them the world is a certain way so they learn how they must box their minds in, to make them fit to the conception of what the world must be.

After all, their guides through their growth journey told them it was right.

Do you ever wonder why your imagination can't often take you much further than where it's already at? Ever notice that you can't often achieve a new thing if you're stuck in the routine of yesterday?

Think about it this way.:

You have a beautiful ivy in a pot on your shelf. It is green and vibrant on the outside, doing everything it's supposed to be doing: drinking up water, soaking in sun, slowly growing. Until one day, it stops. Nothing has changed. It sits near the same window, with the same sun, with the same amount of water.

What you can't see is that underneath the soil, the roots have gone as far as they can. A plant cannot grow if it's roots can't grow, and so it remains stagnant.

But if you removed the plant from it's current pot and put it in a new, bigger pot, it would begin to grow again, because it's roots have room to grow.

Our minds are just like this. We cannot grow in results and achievement if our minds and routines and habits are not constantly growing to create room for that advancement.

What areas have you stopped yourself from growing in? What pots have you stuck yourself in out of fear, or conformity, or comfortability?

Has your heart become hard in some way? Are you stuck in an old mind-set? Are you holding yourself back from thriving?

You have a lot more creativity left than you think and there are bigger places your mind can grow into. Go search for ways to do this. Evaluate what old things need to be let go and what new ideas could be embraced?

Don't pour your new wine into an old wine skin, you'll only ruin both.

As you seek to grow your endeavors, you must also grow.

What personal development can you undertake this week to carve out more room for you to grow?