Leaders Build a Different Future

Interestingly enough, the structures within society put in place to gear us toward success are often the very things that hold us back.

This could be a specific time table, a location deemed necessary, or a dependence on a group of people. This can be a difficult idea to communicate, so let's look at the example of Jeff Ramos to gain a better idea of what I'm describing.

Church has for so long been about Sunday morning services, Wednesday evening youth, and special holiday services. Even if a church steps out of the box a little, it typically still fills the shoes normally seen on any other church.

This structure can usually be great. People know where they are and when you're there. They know what to expect and what will be asked of them. It's a comfort most people appreciate. However, there are issues.

What about people who work during specific services? What about people who get too distracted in a service to actually learn anything? What about the people who don't socialize and find community in this way?

Many churches have become very good at mixing things up to accommodate the needs of its congregation and guests, but sometimes it's still a challenge to meet everyone's needs. 

Jeff Ramos set out to reach athletes who are always busy with practice or games and often can't make it to church.

His idea? Let's change church. Because church isn't about 4 walls or 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning or the perfect worship set or the right message. These things are great, but church is above all else about the fellowship of people working toward the common goal of becoming more like Jesus and spreading the love of God.

So he created a group that just lived life together. Instead of operating as an institution, they move as a group of people living life together and pointing each other to God. They might  attend a specific service time, they might work on business side by, or they might collaborate on music or work out together. 

This is a community that has been able to fill a unique need for those that required something different. This group is amazing and it moves in many great, practical ways. 

None of that could have been possible if Jeff Ramos hadn't decided to step out of the normal box that institutionalizes the church and puts it in a specific box. Because he saw a different vision, he was able to bring about a uniquely effective idea.

We as leaders, and especially creatives, have to begin to analyze the structures we've simply accepted for so long. They may be beneficial, efficient, or necessary. But what if they're not? What if they hold us back from meeting the very need it was supposed to reach in the first place? These questions are necessary.

If you have a dream that just isn't going anywhere, ask yourself what limits you're putting on it. We must be realistic, but let's push the box. Progress only ever came from doing something new.

What new thing could you bring to where you're at? What brand new idea could you create that no one else could in this current environment?

Leaders are builders. What new thing are you building?