What's In Your Hands?

Everyone wants to make an impact on their town, society, and even the world. 

Everyone wants this, yet few know how to achieve it.

Often, as people search for a way to achieve influence and impact the world, they get frustrated or stressed out because... how do you change the world?

How does one in eight billion change the world? The search for the answer can be overwhelming.

Yet... maybe it's a lot simpler than we've made it.

Often the people who influence the world the most, have taken the simplest approach. They've used what's in their hands.

When we think about influence, we tend to think we have to reinvent or discover ourselves, unlock something about ourselves that will somehow show us how to affect the change we desire.

But like I said, the major influencers are usually simply using what's in their hands. Think about most big names that are around the news or media. Most of them were able to recognize something they're good at and love and use that to change their community.

Not only that, but they seized all the opportunities in front of them. They took what was in their hands, their talents and passions and available opportunities, and they worked with them to build their platforms.

Don't mistake me for meaning that influence is easy or that it always comes naturally. That's not true. Sure, for some it may be, but most have to work very hard to achieve influence and success. 

But we need to give up the idea that we have to fabricate something we're not in order to achieve success or wait for the future for the *right time* to make our move.

What do you love? What are you good at? What opportunities are in front of you now? Chase those.

Don't shy away from the now because there might be something better coming down the line. Nothing says you can't shift gears when that something comes around, and the experience you will gain from current endeavors just sets you up for more success later.

My point is, later is always going to be later and we are creatures that love to kick the can down the road. The reality is, the only way to make an impact is to act where you are right now.

Look around. Do you have a passion or talent? Is there a group around you you could contribute to? Is their a need to be met? Is there an opportunity to get involved?

The chances are you can answer yes to most of these questions. 

That, my friends, is how you make an impact. 

We have to stop being people of the future, and set our sights on what's in front of us. Sure, make goals and have the big picture in mind, but work for what's available now, because it's all you'll ever have.

If you're struggling to feel like what you're doing matters, ask yourself: "Am I using what's in my hands?"