4 Questions Successful People Ask Themselves

Successful people don't just happen. They might not have a particular method, though they probably do, but they take purposeful steps. Even down time is done with intention.

Today is short and simple, but it's also a challenge.

Ask yourself these four questions and see if you are being intentional with your time and actions. Intentionality is a defining characteristic of leaders. Do you have it?

When am I resting? 

Rest is important. People are actually more productive if they are well rested and if someone doesn't take intentional time to rest, they run the risk of burning out.

When are you resting? Find time to go lay out by the pool, watch Netflix, or sleep in. 

Obviously, don't let this rule your life, but rest is much more valuable than we make it. Find some balance, get some rest.

How am I growing? 

Are you developing skills, broadening your horizons, pushing your abilities? Growth is crucial, it keeps us living fully.

Some of us grow by picking up a new hobby, reading books, or getting into a new exercise routine.

There is always a simple way to grow. It's actually usually pretty enjoyable.

What are you doing to grow? If you can't answer that question, think about something you would like to learn this summer and go do it.

Who am I seeing? 

Relationships are so important because we were made for social interaction.

In your hustle, are you making sure to surround yourself with inspiring, encouraging, or just enjoyable people?

Branch our and get around new people. Grab coffee and rekindle an old friendship. Feed the everyday friendships.

We learn so much from each other. Are you seeing people who can teach you, lift you up, and spur you on? 

Where am I going? 

Seeing the world is an amazing experience that broadens a leaders capacity to understand and relate. 

This could mean traveling to another country, but maybe this just means going to more state parks right in your area.

Maybe you take a day trip with friends, or for those in romantic relationships, go on a date to a new place.

Go try a new restaurant, see a new movie, drive a different route to work.

If we stay in the same place forever, we never reach the land of our dreams. Get up and go.

Here's the CHALLENGE: Ask yourself these questions. Don't just read them, check them off, and go about your day. Take ten minutes, think about them, and write down your answers.

Are there areas you want to dive into? Make plans to do that.

But here's the BIGGER CHALLENGE: Don't just ask yourself these questions today. These questions will help you develop an excellent life today, and continuing down the road.

Post these questions on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, a vision board. Write them in your notebook.

Keep coming back to them and figure out:

When am I resting? 

How am I growing? 

Who am I seeing? 

Where am I going? 

-Victoria Rinear