Choosing the Wild Path

Many people talk about chasing dreams without acknowledging how uncomfortable it can be. 

As we've said before, success is not easy. But even more than this, success is not found on a comfortable road.

Truly successful people often carve their own path. Let's visualize this:

Two people are walking down a path and they come to a fork. The path to the left is well marked, clear cut, and easy to see. It eventually leads to a safe place with many people. The path to the right is really not even a path, but a space between bushes a person could squeeze through, full of thorns, potentially leading to some unseen beauty. 

I know this isn't a new concept, Robert Frost beat me to it by a few years, but let's think about it. 

A person chasing their dreams has many choices to make along the way. 

For a time, they may be in an easy path. However, chances are sooner or later the time will come to choose: left to the easy path of guarantee but miss the dream, or right through the unknown, hard to travel forest with the chance for massive success hidden within. 

The fact of the matter is, very few people become truly successful without traveling some unmarked, unknown trails. 

But picking this path is hard, far harder than I'm making it seem. It involves sacrifice of time, money, or sleep. It involves possible injury to self-esteem, health or the dream itself. It involves getting lost a couple times and having to figure out how to get back on track. 

These things are hard. It makes sense why people pick the easier, simpler path. And it's not necessarily the wrong path, but it's a choice. 

Are you going to be the leader, or even just the individual, who picks the easy path of comfort? Or are you going to choose the nitty gritty, roll-up-your-shirt-sleeves-and-get-down-in-the-mud path to chase a seemingly impossible dream?

If you choose the harder path, there is good news in it. Besides the satisfaction of truly chasing your dream with full commitment, you will experience tremendous growth on this path. 

See, the easier path provides comfort, but there is not much that requires you to grow, adapt, or learn. On the unknown path, you have to learn many skills to carve the road, you have to adapt to what you come across, and you will undoubtedly grow through the struggle, becoming a better leader every day. 

This is the heart of being a Trailblazer. 

It starts with a choice. But also, it continues with this choice, as there are many chances to rejoin the easier road. If you want to carve your own trail, you just continue to choose the hard path every day. 

This week, take some time to think. What does taking the hard path look like for you? What challenges might you have to overcome to get to your dream? Are you up for that? 

As you choose the hard trail, get ready to see your dream draw nearer and your leadership skills explode. 

By: Victoria Rinear