You Are What You Work For

I want to be an expert guitar player.

I want to be a better piano player.

I want to learn the cello.

I want to write a book.

I want to be a successful, motivating leader.

I want to get back down to a seven minute mile.

I want to travel the world.

I want to save money.

I want to influence people.

I have many desires, and chances are, so do you. It’s a human characteristic to have desire. The problem is, we often stop there.

You would be hard pressed to find people who want to be bad leaders, out of shape, untalented, or lazy. But you can easily find people who, nevertheless, are these things.

Because we aren’t what we want to be, we’re what we work to be.

I can wish to be a good guitar player all day, but if I’m not picking up the guitar daily, it’s never going to happen.

The key is consistency. You have to work at the things you desire regularly. You have to form habits of working hard to reach your goals.

I feel like there are a few things we talk about very often here at Trailblazer, and habits make that list. Habits are crucial to success.

We all form habits, but they can be good or bad. You can form habits of laziness, half-hearted effort, or lack of discipline. Or you can form habits of determination, endurance, and excellence.

What kinds of habits are you forming? Are they habits which lead you to becoming the person you want to be? Or are they habits which leave you stagnant? You get to choose.

Darn. I know. I was supposed to give you some sure-fire way to become the person you want to be. Instead I gave you a mom answer. “You decide, it’s up to you to do your best.”

But it’s the reality.

Today was a simple read, but definitely not a simple application. This concept requires hard work and diligence. It requires giving up what we want now for what we want most.

This week, how are you going to do the hard work of forming habits and making moves to chase your dreams of who you want to be?

What small comforts are you going to choose to give up to achieve what you want most?

How are you going to encourage your team members to do the same?