Digging for Inspiration

Inspiration for a dream is like fuel for a car. Without inspiration, it becomes very difficult to get anywhere.

Just as we’ve talked about your why and your vision being important tools for your journey, inspiration is another of those necessary tools.

This inspiration even comes past your dream and simply to life itself. I think everyone can agree that sometimes your get-up-and-go is just broken.

I am a morning person. In fact, this morning I got up at 5 a.m. to write (although that’s probably more because I’m lame and went to bed at 9 p.m.) and was ready to go. Most mornings I wake up with no problems getting stuff done.

But sometimes when I wake up, it’s like I forgot to plug in my personal charger before I went to bed and I wake up exhausted. Worse than that, I find myself grumpy, not wanting to do anything, see anyone, or think about anything.

It seems that between work and school and other various responsibilities, I start to lose inspiration and fall into the lull of everyday life. It’s an unfortunate thing because then good conversation, writing, and dreaming all start to dwindle.

So, how does one find their lost inspiration? How does a leader, the back bone of the team, make sure their mojo is on? There are so many ways and today, in an effort to spark your inspiration, I’ll tell you a couple of mine.

1.      NATURE. I love nature. Lots of my friends and family call me “Miss Green Peace” because I am one to promote conservation (hello, God called us to be stewards of this beautiful home He’s given us), I call people out on littering all the time, I vigorously raise the case for recycling, and I love to have plants all around the house.

So for me, taking a hike, a simple walk, or an outdoor adventure, is one of the most inspiring things. I end up feeling refreshed and excited about life. Especially as a religious person, admiring God’s creation is an awe inspiring venture. I mean, can I go here? 


2.      MUSIC. Music for me is a very powerful way of stirring my soul. I could listen to some of my favorites and feel at home, or some great new tunes and get butterflies because of the melodies and lyrics that so beautifully come together to speak to my spirit.

Not only do I love to listen to music, but I love playing music. I am on the worship team at my church and have musical friends, so getting to sing or just jam is something I enjoy a lot.

There’s something about using your gifts and doing the things you love that is inspiring. For an example, here is a song, Nervous by Gavin James, that gets me every time, check it out if you want! Or, if you’re on a regular computer, play it in the background while you read the rest of this post!

3.      WRITING. Sometimes writing gets swept under the rug as I get tangled up in life, so I get more excited than ever when I get back into it again. I LOVE writing. I love designing characters and places and situations or placing phrases just so in a poem. There’s something magical about it to me.

So in and of itself, writing is inspirational to me, not just for the sake of itself, but also for my life. When I’m being creative I feel so much more excited and in tune with the possibilities of my future.

4.      CONVERSATION. While they say words don’t mean much, I would beg to differ. Some of my most inspired moments have occurred because of really great conversation.

Whether about politics, religion, or the future, there’s something about sparking ideas off of other people that leaves my mind stimulated and ready to dream.

However, it is true that words mean little without action… So dream and then go DO the thing.

5.      PINTEREST. If you have one, you know what I mean. If you don’t, you don’t, but you should. Hence the link. Follow it. Something about browsing through awesome and beautiful things just inspires me to create and live and dream.

Shoot, there are even inspirational sayings for you to repin. I mean, come on. Plus, I just love seeing all the beautiful things. And now, here’s an example of something that makes me want to kick today’s butt. Why? Because look at all those cute little plants. 


6.      JESUS. As a religious person, I could not leave this out, and why would I want to? Quite honestly, sometimes the world is depressing. People are mean, some are ignorant, and many are selfish. In a world where awful things keep happening, it’s easy for me to get down and out about the future.

However, when I start to think about the fact that this is not the end for me, things don’t seem so bad. Bad enough to want to bring change, but not bad enough to give up hope. Having a purpose for life other than my own gain, other than going to work just to make money just to die, is inspiring.

I know these things don’t work for everyone. But the point is, I can’t make it through life without some inspiration here and there, and I think more people need to remember their need to be inspired.

Because it’s true, there’s more to life than working, paying bills, and sleeping. Way more. I have dreams and I have goals. Sometimes it’s easy to forget them or think them impossible, and that’s where inspiration comes in.

Be reminded of what you want in life and go get it, or at least, go get the inspiration to go get it. Have a goal that seems impossible? Well even more fun to try to chase it, and even greater the need for inspiration!

True leaders must recognize when they’ve lost inspiration and be diligent to go find it.

Think today, especially if you’ve been (metaphorically) walking through a desert, what inspires you? Now make some time in your crazy busy schedule to go do it.