Culture Is Key

Vision and culture can go hand in hand, but unfortunately they often clash.

Vision, as we've talked about before, should drive the way you do what you do. For instance, "My business prioritizes customer service because we believe customer satisfaction to be a pillar of our operations."

Vision paints the picture for behavior and gives the reasons behind it. Culture is the reality of how a business, organization, or team actually operates.

Have you ever been disturbed by walking into a business, say you know their vision for their business, and what you see doesn't line up? Or an organization. Have you ever walked into an organization that was all about inclusion but you felt pushed aside?

That's a problem with culture. When vision (the ideal) doesn't match culture (the reality), there's an issue.

So what does the culture of your organization look like? What vision have you laid out and are you meeting it? If not, what needs to change?

It comes down to being a people of our word. People with influence are well trusted, and they do what they say they're going to do. 

Think about your vision this week and how your culture actually works. Then challenge yourself to work toward that vision.