The Power of Music

On the podcast this week we had a chance to sit down with Mark Barlow and chat all about Isla Vista Worship and their brand new album that was just recently released. It got me thinking about the power of music. Think about this:

Music has to be the most commonly shared interest world wide. Though genre may vary, almost every single person on this earth enjoys music of some sort. 

But music isn't just enjoyable, it's good for your health. 

According to studies by Johns Hopkins University and others, music isn't just enjoyable, music is among the best brain workouts a person can do. 

As our ears pick up vibrations, our brains work hard to make sense of the sound. When it comes to music, the brain has to work extra hard to sort out the complexities of the sounds. 

It's been found that listening to or playing music can improve memory, attention, and problem-solving. 

Listening to music helps many focus on work or school. It also can help decrease anxiety and heart rate. 

What about memories? Remember the song you danced to at your wedding? What about driving down the road with your first significant other?

Music has the ability to help us recall memories we may not otherwise have been able to. 

Probably the coolest thing about music is it's personal. People don't respond to the same music. 

What may relax one person, gives anxiety to another. What's pleasant to one, sounds awful to another. With so many types of music, we have the freedom to find what we like!

Studies show that most people continue to listen only to what they listened to in their teens and 20s. However, switching it up every now and then might actually be good for your brain by giving it a new challenge. 

So plug in your music and your brain will thank you later.