Who Are You?

The test of leadership ultimately answers the question, "Who are you?"

Those leaders who know who they are, excel. Often people who have no clue, aren't all that successful. Why?

I think this topic sums up every other thing we've ever posted about. 

Where does finding your "why" come from? Knowing who you are.

Where does developing your vision come from? Knowing who you are.

Where does creating culture come from? Knowing who you are.

You get the picture. 

It's no coincidence that most 20-somethings seem to find themselves in a stage of discovery. You often here phrases like "I'm finding myself." It's important and it's a difficult thing.

But it's not just 20-somethings. This can be heard by almost everyone at any stage of life. Knowing your identity isn't always an exact science. There may be key pieces which remain, and other pieces which shift throughout time. 

There are so many different ways for one to "find themselves," and so many different opinions about what this means or looks like. For some, it's a religious identity. For some, it's dedication for a career. For others, it's passion for a world cause. I'm not here to argue that point.

Regardless of your goal of identity seeking, whether anyone else believes it to be correct or not, if you know who you are, you have set your path up for success.

Falling in line with our motto of "OWN YOUR ZONE," success usually comes through consistency via dedication of heart and vision. Where does this come from? Knowing who you are! Shocking, I know.

If you're curious about what it means to find yourself, consider these things. Benji's podcast this week revolves around Christian identity. Previously we've discussed your "why," or what gets you ticking. Consider things like what makes you passionate, what makes bad days okay, what gets you through the mundane, and what gives you energy.

Imagine your leadership journey as a blast of water through a sprinkler head. Cheesy analogy but it works so stay with me here. If you are sending water through 50 different channels, because you have no idea who you are, you're going to get a widespread, slow-soaking spray. If you have the setting on pressure wash, sending all of the water with force through one or two channels, because you're operating out of who you know you are, you get a much more powerful, drenching flow.

Here's this week's challenge. Ask yourself this deceivingly simple question, "Who am I?" Do you know? Take a minute to sit and write. When you just hear this question in your head, it can seem obvious. But when you have to explain your answer to people, if you don't really know, can get more tricky.

Here are some questions to answer specifically:

What am I passionate about? What gives me energy?

What do I believe? What do I support? What do I wish to see?

Who am I to my friends? Who am I to my family? Who am I to strangers?

If I could do one thing with my life, what would it be?

Why am I even alive? What is the overall purpose for my life? 

These seem like silly, odd questions, but they'll tell you a lot. 

If you find you do seem to know you are, amazing. Keep developing that. Great leaders take hold of who they are and develop that. Use your strengths and your weaknesses to your advantage to work toward success.